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    What is Sworly?

    Sworly is the new, fun way to discover, listen to, and share music.

    Why Sworly?
    We scour the web to provide you unlimited access to over 20 million songs readily available throughout the web so you don’t have to stress your wallet. You also no longer have to stumble through dozens of mind-numbing fakes on YouTube before finding that coveted song.

    Music, music, music
    We love music as much as you do, and more than some of those other services out there (let’s not name names, it could get dirty!) so you will never hear a single ad from us. At Sworly, we believe in free music delivered on the principles of quality and convenience. By the power vested in us (and lots of red bull), we now claim you master of your own digital audio experience.

    Discover, Listen, Share! on Sworly – http://sworly.com/

    Nepali Shirtified

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    Commuting to and from school takes 2 hours a day away from my life. While on the bus I either text, check FlipBoard or tweet. Not much productivity going on. So today, I decided to draw something.

    I’ve always wanted a shirt that represented Nepal – but wasn’t ugly. Those were hard to find! Most tourist shops in Nepal, usually have low quality shirts (made in bulk!) with pictures of Mount Everest, Kathmandu or Buddha and are not designed with fashion in mind but rather to show its about Nepal, and sell.

    From the few days I had to shop in Nepal (my 1 month trip of 2010), I’ve looked at many places for a decent shirt I could wear in public, but had no luck.

    So, I took this as my inspiration and came up with this.

    The process actually started in the library where I drew the design out in a notebook. Then in the bus I took out my iPhone and with the Brushes (best app ever!!) app, I applied my “elementary school” art skills and came up with this.

    Now I need to find a place where I can make this into a real shirt.

    Scan to Copy!

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    New updates to NotePaste.com (the wonderful place where you can create notes to share with friends)! Now each note you create on NotePaste has a QR associated which you can scan with the NotePaste app for iPhone to copy the note to your phone! Visit NotePaste.com!   Like this:Like Loading...

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    Select. Right Click. NotePaste!

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    The NotePaste extension to Google Chrome allows you to select any content on any page and instantly create notes by right clicking and hitting the NotePaste button! Say “That was easy!” Plus, clicking on the NotePaste icon near the address bar will create a QR code for any web site you are on! Which...

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    NotePaste.com – A better way to share

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    There have been many times where I wanted to share an image, part of news article, piece of code, an embedded video or even a funny conversation with my friends quickly. Whenever I tried to copy/paste the text into the Facebook chat or MSN messenger, the formatting would be completely lost, making it unreadable...

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    Twitter based drinking game – 21Shots

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    “Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, informally known as “tweets”. When started, Twitter was a micro-blogging platform. In just under 5 years, with 200 million users, Twitter has been used for so many things that you can start a trending topic just...

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    iMeant – Smarter Corrections

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    Don’t you hate it when you’re messaging someone and you make a typo? Or worse, when the autocorrect suggests something completely ridiculous or unwanted, but you’ve already sent the message to change it? Well, I do too. So I thought, why not correct your errors – even AFTER you’ve sent the message. My concept is iMeant....

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    Tweeting answers – KailashJR

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    Wouldn’t it be so cool if whenever you had a question, instead of searching it online at a million of different places, you could Tweet your question and instantly be replied with the answer?

    I thought it would be cool too! Thats why I made @KailashJr. From adding numbers to providing weather information, KailashJr is made to Tweet back instantly with the answer.

    All you have to do is Tweet: “@KailashJr what is….”

    For example “@kailashjr q: mass of sun / gdp of china”



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    What? QuikPlay is a tool designed to bring you music instantly! just enter the song and hear the magic. – and you dont really need to be very specific with the search. QuikPlay knows what you want to hear!   Why? Because we dont have time to search for songs! we know the name,...

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