• Move over SiteMeter, I’m gonna use ChartBeat

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    I started using SiteMeter to keep track of all the traffic for my websites since I first started creating websites. I thought it was pretty good. It gave me “realtime” stats about visitors/page views, referrals, throughout the day, week, month etc. It kept track of locations, browser info and all that good stuff.

    I had Google analytics too but that wasn’t realtime, so it wasn’t much fun. But, even without that, it is still the most detailed and complete web analytics I’ve used. It had a nice UI – which made SiteMeter’s look like its was from the 1980s. However, I was rather happy with SiteMeter so didn’t check Google Analytics that much.

    One glorious day, like always, I went on over to my dashboard to see the current traffic stats on SiteMeter for one of my sites. The page had loaded, but all i saw was ZERO! What the!? All of the numbers on that page were 0 – and I KNOW I had visitors! SiteMeter had failure on their part which caused me to lose all of my statistics. This was the first time that something like this had happened in my 4-5 year experience with SiteMeter.

    Although it wasn’t the biggest of deals losing a few days of statistics, I realized it was time to move on. Somethings about SiteMeter were a hassle:
    -Anyone can see your stats by extracting the site meter user code from the embedded html.
    -Cannot have multiple sites in one account.
    -UI sucks.

    So finally, I decided I needed a new analytics tool. I knew about ChartBeat from trying out the trial a while back. I was quite impressed with it even though it was quite young at that time. I opened up ChartBeat.com to check out what was new and I was even more impressed with the updates.
    -Beautiful UI/Dashboard
    -5 sites in an account
    -iPhone App
    -Only 9.99 a month (although SiteMeter was free, this is still pretty cheap)
    -Info about load times

    I quickly signed up and took literally 30 seconds to set up my sites. The wordpress plugin they have is also awesome!

    In conclusion, if you need an web (they also do app) analytics, check out Chartbeat.com

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