• Nepali Shirtified

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    Commuting to and from school takes 2 hours a day away from my life. While on the bus I either text, check FlipBoard or tweet. Not much productivity going on. So today, I decided to draw something.

    I’ve always wanted a shirt that represented Nepal – but wasn’t ugly. Those were hard to find! Most tourist shops in Nepal, usually have low quality shirts (made in bulk!) with pictures of Mount Everest, Kathmandu or Buddha and are not designed with fashion in mind but rather to show its about Nepal, and sell.

    From the few days I had to shop in Nepal (my 1 month trip of 2010), I’ve looked at many places for a decent shirt I could wear in public, but had no luck.

    So, I took this as my inspiration and came up with this.

    The process actually started in the library where I drew the design out in a notebook. Then in the bus I took out my iPhone and with the Brushes (best app ever!!) app, I applied my “elementary school” art skills and came up with this.

    Now I need to find a place where I can make this into a real shirt.

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