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    For my honours project, I decided to do an order-management solution which consisted of four different apps (for the owners, employees, and users) to facilitate and simplify every stage of a fast-food ordering process.

    The number of smartphones being used every day is growing at an astonishing rate. Along with the use of smartphones, their application in our daily lives has also increased greatly. Smartphones have replaced many things in our lives and will continue simplifying our lives in many ways. Circle – A Complete Order Management Solution, will demonstrate how smartphones can further be used to save time in people’s daily lives while increasing sales and revenues for businesses everywhere.

    The goal of this project to create a set of applications for customers, owners and employees to simplify the process of creating and fulfilling orders and unify all the different parts of this process into one simple, streamlined processes. The business owners, with the Circle Owner’s dashboard will be able to manage their businesses, their employees, menus and view reports of their businesses. The customers, with the Circle Client applications will be able to view restaurants, their menus, and create and pay for their orders from the application. They will also be able to use the application to pick up their orders. The employees will be able to use the Circle Employee’s dashboard to view new orders and update the status of the orders. They will also be able to use the Circle Associate mobile application to verify and complete customer order pickups.


    Owner/Employee Dashboard: http://usecircle.com



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